Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Bartley Burns is accredited in a Quality Management System, what does this mean?

Our company systems, processes & procedures been accredited an authorising body (SAI Global) as being compliant with the International Standard for Organisations in Quality (ISO 9001). Please see the QMS page for more details.

Q. What is the process when I lodge an application for Building Approval?

We will request certain information from you, including the mandatory IDAS application forms and architectural plans, in order to complete an assessment of your proposal. The Certifier will be assessing the proposal against the relevant legislations and planning schemes. They will then provide an assessment report on the status of the application, along with detail on what needs to happen next. This could include requests for additional information, lodgement of additional applications or even suggestions for re-design.

When all information has been provided and the Certifier confirms that the design complies with all requirements, the Building Approval will be issued. This will include a Decision Notice, supporting Conditions of Approval and Stamped Approved Plans. It is now that construction can commence on site.

Q. What certification services to Bartley Burns complete once we go to site?

During construction our Certifiers can provide on-going advice and also complete inspections at certain stages of the works. The last site visit will be the final inspection at practical completion.

The final document to be issued by Bartley Burns is Form 21 - completion on domestic sites (Class 1a & 10) or Form 11 - Certificate of Classification (Class 2-9). These certificates will be issued once all aspects of the inspections have been satisfied and all supporting contractor/installation certificates (Form 16s) are provided to your Certifier. Please note that there may also be Town Planning Conditions that must be met before the job can be finalised.

Q. What services do your Town Planners offer?

Our Town Planners offer a range of services to assist with your development needs. They include;

Preliminary Planning Assessment - advice on your development possibilities in relation to the land/building use.

Reconfiguration of Lots (Subdivision) - Our Town Planners will work with you to advise the possibly of reconfiguring your land and to then submit an application to the Local Authority on your behalf. As part of the process, we will recommend other required consultants, and advise on the next stage in the process.

Material Change of Use (MCU) - Submission of a report to the Local Authority to support your development. Our planners will work hard to fight for your proposal, but also give realistic advice on the potential of Council approving your request before submission.

Public Notification - for those applications which trigger the need for public notification, our planners will assist you through the Public Notification process including arranging signs on your development site and advertising through the required medium.

Generally in Accordance (GIA) and Permissible Change Applications - Our planners can lodge these applications on your behalf. These may be required when an existing and valid MCU requires amendments. Our planners can lodge these applications even if another Town Planner worked on the original application.

Compensation - Land owners impacted upon by resumptions of land for infrastructure provision are entitled to compensation. Our Town Planners have experience in the preparation of reports to establish the development potential, and therefore inherent land value of a site proposed for resumption. These reports are then used to justify claims of higher compensation when negotiations are undertaken.

Q. I have a block of land that I want to develop. When do I approach Bartley Burns?

Our Town Planners can be contacted for advice on land use and the potential for development on your land, either when you own the land or during your due diligence period. Once preliminary advice is given, our planners will generally refer you onto land surveyors, draftsman/architects and or other required consultants to get the application process moving.

Q. You say you are Risksmart Accredited consultants. What is Risksmart?

Risksmart is an approval process, introduced by Brisbane City Council in 2004, to streamline the approval process for 'low risk' developments which are highly compliant with the City Plan.

As accredited consultants, our Town Planners are able to submit applications through this process which can reduce the planning approval timeframe from months down to only weeks.

Our Town Planning Manager was involved in the pilot for Risksmart when BCC was looking to adopt this process. As such, you can be assured that we have extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

In additions to Brisbane City Council, there are a few other Local Authorities which have implemented similar fastracked systems. Speak to our Town Planners to see if your development fulfils the criteria to be lodged under one of these systems.

Q. What are the advantages of using Bartley Burns over other consultants?

We are one of the few consultancies in Brisbane to have both Town Planners and Building Certifiers under the one roof. It is a distinct advantage, especially at design stage, as many developments require both Planning & Building Approval. Our team work together and do not have to refer our clients externally to get advice on the other discipline. This internal communication streamlines the process and the benefits are passed on to our clients through savings in time and money.

Bartley Burns has extensive experience in the construction industry. Our certifiers and planners are passionate about what they do and really are motivated to ensure our clients get the best possible result in their development needs.

We believe our Customer Service is second to none and try and personalise the process, rather than treating a job as a number. Our accreditation is an international standard for quality - again shows how important we hold our client's satisfaction.

Q. Who are Bartley Burns clients?

Our clients range from draftsman/architects, property developers, commercial & domestic builders, project managers, and first time developers.

Many of our clients have been with us for years, (some well over a decade) and we believe this is due to the quality of service we provide.

Q. How do I request a quote for your services?

Please email details of your proposal including the property address (with plans attached if you are at this stage) to One of our team will respond to your request within two business days.